Children's Liturgy

The Children’s Liturgy aims to simplify the Mass and the Gospel in to language that the young children can understand and relate to. It takes place during the 10am Mass on Sunday mornings. It is divided in to two groups.  The early years group is for pre-school and reception aged children.  The older group is for children from Year 1 to when they've made their First Holy Communion. This allows the Liturgy of the Word to be aimed at the right level for their ages.

At the beginning of Mass the priest calls the children forward and invites them to go to Children's Liturgy. We try to keep the structure similar to the Mass starting with lighting the candle to remind us that Jesus is the Light of the World and that He is with us. We then sing the sorry song to ask God for forgiveness. The children then listen to the Gospel and we talk about it and how it could relate to their lives. They then take part in an activity to help their understanding e.g. colouring, word searches etc.

The children return to the Mass at the offertory procession where they take up the gifts of bread and wine to be offered to God.