200 Club

How does the Club work?

This is a small lottery supporting St Mary's Parish Church in Knaresborough. Net proceeds from ticket sales are donated to the parish at the end of every calendar year.

How do I buy a ticket?

You can buy one or a number of entries on a monthly subscription starting from only £2 per ticket. Please contact 07791 672878 for further information, to buy a ticket(s) or if you want to change your subscription.

What can I win?

You can win one of many great prizes throughout the year. We run a monthly draw and an additional celebratory Christmas draw which are great opportunities to win a cash prize.

How am I supporting my Parish?

In December the funds contributed throughout the year (after any expenses and prize money) are given to the parish. This is distributed into parish general funds but as an example this could be spent on refurbishing the church fabric or buying new equipment, so it's a fun way to provide financial support for a relatively small sum.

Where can I find the results?

Results will be published in the bulletin and will be available below.*

*We intend running the Christmas draw in December 2020 and all other undrawn draws before the end of February 2021. Please bear with us while we catch up on this.