Parents asking for the Baptism (“christening”) of their child will participate in a preparation course. The course is designed to include the participation of godparents, at least one of whom must be a practising Catholic. Please contact the Parish Priest if you would like to enrol on this course, leading up to the baptism of your child. You are advised not to fix a date with family and friends for the baptism until you have had a chance to speak with the Parish Priest to discuss possible dates. This would normally be discussed after the second session of the course.

If you live outside the geographical parish you will need to contact the Parish Priest of the area you live in as the first port of call, and he may require you to participate in the preparation course of his parish instead of our preparation course. That’s fine. If after this you still wish your child to be baptised in St Mary’s Knaresborough you will need written permission from him. The parish of St Mary’s Knaresborough comprises all of Knaresborough town and many of the surrounding villages including Scriven, Scotton, Lingerfield, Farnham, Copgrove, Staveley, Arkendale, Coneythorpe, Flaxby, Goldsborough, Hay-a-Park, Harrogate Road up to the golf club house, and Forest Moor Road towards Harrogate up to and including White House Farm. If in doubt about which parish you are in check with Father William.

Fees associated with Baptism are detailed here, and would be paid when you come for the second session of the Baptism course.