200 Club

What is the 200 Club?

This is a small lottery supporting St Mary’s Parish Church in Knaresborough.

Each number you purchase entitles you to an entry in the monthly draw.

Net proceeds are donated to the parish building loan fund at the end of every calendar year.

You will also be entitled to entry into the Christmas draw if you have paid into the club for the 12 months prior.

There are 4 cash prizes on offer each month plus another 20 superb prizes available in the Christmas draw.

Numbers are £2 each.

How am I supporting my Parish?

At the end of the financial year the funds contributed throughout the year (after any expenses and prize money) are given to the parish building loan fund.

Over the past few years this has been a valued contribution toward:

  • 2001 St Mary’s Church refurbishment
  • 2014 The Old School refurbishment
  • 2017 St Mary’s Church refurbishment
  • 2021 onwards these funds are likely to support vital repairs required to the Church floor.

Note: The fundraising total for 2020 will be presented to the parish at an upcoming presentation following mass.

The website will be updated with this sum once this has taken place.

How do I buy a number?

You can buy one or more numbers on a monthly subscription starting from only £2 per number.

This is payable by standing order.

Please contact 07791 672878 for further information, to buy a number(s) or to change your subscription.

Alternatively, the forms can be found here.

Please return the joining form to the administrator and the bank mandate to your bank.

Please remember to update any change of address so that we know where to send any prize monies.

What can I win?

We run a monthly draw and an additional Christmas draw which are great opportunities to win a cash prize.

Monthly prizes are £40, £25, £20, £15.

There are 20 prizes available in the Christmas draw starting with a first prize of £200, second prize of £150, and third prize of £100.

The remaining prizes are £75, £50, £45, £40, £35, £35, £30, £30, £30, £25, £25, £25, £25, £20, £20, £20, £20.

This month’s draw

The June Draw is here.

When are the draws run?

The 12 monthly draws are run each month, on a Sunday usually, to follow the end of the previous calendar month. This allows us to check who is eligible for the draw.

The Christmas draw is run at the end of December. To be eligible for the Christmas draw you need to have paid for a number for 12 months prior to the draw taking place.

Each draw (from April 2020) is run using a computer and a randomiser to select the winning numbers. Each draw is recorded, and a copy held by the Finance Committee.

Where can I find the results?

A notice will be available in the bulletin advising you when the latest results are available, you will then find the results below.

2024 results can be found here.

2023 results can be found here.

2022 results can be found here.

2021 results can be found here.

2020 results can be found here

Where can I find the rules?

The rules can be found here.

What governance is in place?

The 200 Club is registered with Harrogate Borough Council and we submit an annual financial statement.

Fundraising progress is reported into your Finance Committee.

Thank you.

Thank you for your continued generosity in supporting your parish, especially throughout the pandemic.